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Welcome to Taverna Catering, where simplicity and professionalism are at the heart of everything we do. Despite the name, which is often mistaken for Greek, we are proud Italians, as "Taverna" holds the same meaning in our language. Our catering services embody the essence of tavernas, emphasising warm hospitality and delectable Italian cuisine. Our logo reflects our commitment to minimalism, featuring our company name accompanied by a simple yet powerful icon representing the Italian flag. At Taverna Catering, our founders Giordano, Valerio, and Francesco bring their passion for food and hospitality, backed by extensive experience gained from around the globe. Over the years, we have had the privilege of serving high-profile clients, including those from the entertainment industry and major corporations. We began humbly, initially operating at local markets before expanding into private events and corporate functions. Currently, we are proud to be based in Raynes Park, ready to bring the flavours of Italy to your next unforgettable occasion.

Our Mission

At Taverna Catering, our mission is to redefine the event catering landscape with our bespoke, high-quality services. As one of the leading event caterers, we are committed to creating memorable culinary experiences for all occasions, be it a lavish wedding, an intimate birthday celebration, or a grand corporate event. With a fine balance of creativity and precision, we craft menus that are as diverse as our clientele, always taking into account dietary restrictions and cuisine preferences. Our food catering services are not just about exquisite dishes but also about exceptional customer service and meticulous event planning. Entrust Taverna Catering with your event catering needs, and experience the fusion of professionalism, passion, and culinary innovation that sets us apart in the competitive catering industry.

Taverna Catering Wedding
Wedding Service Taverna Catering London

Our Promise: Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment

Your satisfaction is the heartbeat of our business. As a leading provider in the event catering industry, we understand the uniqueness of each event - be it a corporate gathering, birthday party, or a wedding celebration. Our seasoned team stands ready to craft exquisite dishes from high-quality ingredients, leaving an indelible mark on your guests' taste buds. But our promise extends beyond exceptional food - we pledge unrivaled service, meticulous event planning, and a dedication to making your vision a reality. Taverna Catering transforms any occasion into a captivating culinary delight.

Testimonials: Serving the Best, By Being the Best

Endorsements of our event catering expertise can be found in boardrooms of tech behemoths like Amazon, Google, and Facebook, as well as in the homes of Hollywood celebrities, renowned singers, and celebrated football players. Our commitment to culinary excellence has graced political banquets and royal events, notably those of Princess Anne. The testimonials from our distinguished clientele affirm the consistent quality and exceptional service provided by Taverna Catering. When it comes to delivering an unforgettable gastronomic experience for any occasion, Taverna Catering stands as the trusted choice among the elite and the influential.

Princess Anne Sea Cadets Marine Society

Our Dedication to Green Catering Practices

Eco Friendly Food Boxes

Sustainability is deeply woven into our core ethos, shaping our approach to event catering. We're proud to provide eco-conscious and organic catering services across London, placing a premium on locally sourced produce and stringent waste reduction. To manage food surplus, we've partnered with TooGoodToGo, ensuring that excess food finds a good home rather than going to waste. We are also committed to minimising plastic usage, instead opting for organic, eco-friendly alternatives. When disposables are necessary, we choose environmentally friendly options, including biodegradable boxes, cutlery, and glasses. This comprehensive approach allows us to deliver exceptional catering services while maintaining our commitment to the environment.

Our Commitment to Community and Inclusivity

Beyond providing sustainable catering services, we are passionate about making a positive impact within our community. We have been privileged to cater for numerous charity events, giving back to the communities that enrich our city. We stand in strong support of inclusivity and equality, proudly endorsing and supporting the LGBT+ community. Our ethos goes beyond serving exceptional food - we aim to foster connections, support local initiatives, and celebrate diversity through our services.

Taverna Catering Inclusivity

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